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    Partitions question

    Seems like a dumb question; but, oh well ...
    Do people here create a separate partition for data files, and move things like "My Documents" etc to that partition?

    I'm asking because I migrated years back from XP to Windows 7; and one of my daughters will be visiting, and bringing her Vista-based laptop with her. She's asked me to help her organize her laptop, and I'm not familiar with Vista.

    Thanks for any help offered,

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    You will find people on both sides of this issue on this forum. Unless you find yourself frequently restoring Windows, my personal preference is to have with the OS and on a single partition that I regularly perform a single image backup on. If you find yourself regularly having to do partition restores because of playing around with the OS and/or funk applications, separate partitions may make some sense, but I can't remember the last time I had to do an image recovery and I don't think there is a huge difference in recovery time over a single partition. YMMV. I'm sure you will also hear from the multiple partition advocates as well. Digest both arguments and choose what seems best for you and don't lose any sleep over your choice. Either one will work in the long run.

    The bigger issue is to have at least a regular data or partition backup plan in place.


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    Windows Vist is very similar to Windows 7, so you shouldn't have any problems. Everything Jerry said is valid as well.
    Modern "factory restore" options are a problem if you repartition the disk, as they will likely erase the data partition as well.

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    Dick, I highly recommend the separate data partition. In addition to keeping your data safe when you screw up your OS (oh wait that's me, don't know if your do) I find it easy to access the same data folders and files from both Win 7 and Win 8. In this way my data is always synced without any further effort on my part.

    Partitioning is so easy to do that anyone can do it.
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    I tend to play the Unix/Xenix scheme: O/S on a separate Primary mirrored pair of drives and my Data is on other striped Partitions, all sized to match up with my 600GB Tape Library backup system. Hard drives break and then cost money to get recovered/repaired so I have stuck with SCSI tape which do not break, are faster than most cheap drives systems, etc.

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