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    Opening multiple copies of the same report in the same window

    I need to show similar copies of the same report, varying only the name of the customer. I found a piece of code in Access 2010 VBA Programming Inside/Out, as follows. It does the job, but I donīt follow one line of the code. Can you help?

    Code as follows:
    Option Compare Database
    Option Explicit
    Dim colReports As New Collection
    Private Sub Customer_Name_DblClick(Cancel As Integer)
    Dim rpt As Report_rptCustomerDetails
    Set rpt = New Report_rptCustomerDetails
    rpt.Filter = "[Customer Number] = " & Me.Customer_Number
    rpt.FilterOn = True
    colReports.Add rpt, CStr(CLng(Rnd * (2 ^ 31)))
    rpt.Visible = True
    End Sub

    What if the last paramater on line nine doing?

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    CStr(CLng(Rnd * (2 ^ 31))) is generating a random, and hopefully unique, number which is used as the Key value to the particular instance of the specific report object that you are creating in the collection of reports.

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