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    Outlook 2007 has grand mal seizures

    This has been a chronic problem for several years, and I have never been able to identify the cause because I have never been able to properly articulate the problem in a search query.

    Essentially, when in Outlook 2007 (and pretty much only Outlook, although Word 2007 does this on occasion) and performing certain functions (mainly attaching files into email or updating Calender events), Outlook literally has a seizure.

    What this looks like is the screen flashes at a very high frequency and the the hourglass appears (it flashes at a frequency emulating fluorescent lighting). It seems to occur when a new window (dialogue box of some sort) opens up, e.g. a window asking if I would like to modify the event series in the calender OR the dialogue box routing to the file to select for attachment.

    It is very difficult to escape out of Outlook and even the icon on the taskbar flashes severely as well.

    I tried to take a printscreen image of the flashing, but when the image produced did not reflect the flashing.

    When I open Process Explorer to see what program(s) are using up the CPU processing power it is virtually all DWM.exe. And end-tasking DWM.exe will stop the problem or end-tasking Outlook will escape out of Outlook and stop the problem.

    Computer specs:

    Dell Inspiron E1505
    Intel T2400 1.83GHz Duel Core processor
    3 GB DDR2 RAM
    Windows 7 Professional SP1

    I run Bitdefender 2012 + Malwarebites Professional as well as frequent CCleaner scans + Superantispyware scans

    This computer is 7 years old but it has a relatively new 5400rpm harddrive and I believe runs at top speed given its technical limitations.

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    Something in Outlook may be causing it, but even with DWM.exe being involved, I would guess that there are probably issues with the graphics card / graphics card drivers. You could try using a windows basic theme (non aero) and see if that helps.

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