I have experienced a really strange problems in the past week or two when sending HTML emails from directly within various applications, but not when compiling the email and adding attachment from within Outlook 2010 itself. In addition Excel will crash when sending the email if Outlook is not running at that time, unlike other apps.

The scenario is that When I am working with Word 2010, Excel 2010 or a pdf editor then wanting to send an email directly from within the application by File, Save and Send, Send as attachment, the Outlook 2010 email message window pops up, I write my email message in HTML then send it. All seems OK until a client or colleague contacts me to say thanks for the attachment but the email body is blank, what was my message?!

When I then go and check the sent folder then sure enough, the email HTML text has been stripped out but the attachment is still there. So the problem seems to be on my side not theirs.

I noticed yesterday that on one simple Excel 2010 file which I created about a week ago, did a test send from within Excel but in addition to this problem the actual contents of the cells disappeared from view! Completely blank cells!

After sending to one of my email addresse when I opened the Excel attachment it was completely blank in addition to the email message body being blank. I then checked in Hotmail for this particular email account, clicked to view the attachment within my IE9 browser window from Skydrive and hey presto, I can actually view the Excel content that was missing!!! The actual email body text viewed within Hotmail remains missing however. I only noticed this problem on one excel file so far. Tried with Gmail and Office 365 accounts as well.

There are varous email accounts, all with the same problem, so it is a local problem. Main acocunt is Office 365, then I have a couple of live.com email acocunts with Connector, then one Gmail with IMAP. All the same problem so it seems to be local. Tried clearing with outlook.exe /cleanserverrules but same problem.

This problem only exists when sending HTML emails, not plain or RTF, and only when sending an email from within Excel, Outlook, my pdf application, etc. So it is not appearing to be Office specific but Outlook specific and only for sending html text emails in this scenario. If I send an html email with attcheent from within the main session of Outlook it seems to work OK. I send a lot of HTML emails with various docs directly from my applications and so this is a pain for me. More importantly I need to understand what is casuing it, what possible corruption, and how to fix it without a full re-install hopefully.

One other related problem is that if an attachment is emailed from Excel with Outlook 2010 not running then Excel will crash, but the email will get sent. The error message on Excel crashing is -

Problem Event Name: BEX

Application Name: EXCEL.EXE

Application Version: 14.0.6117.5003

Application Timestamp: 4f622ef8

Fault Module Name: pstprx32.dll_unloaded

Fault Module Version:

Fault Module Timestamp: 4f31f7ad

Exception Offset: 67ce7196

Exception Code: c0000005

Exception Data: 00000008

OS Version: 6.1.7600.

Locale ID: 1033

By the way, these problems remain when AV is disabled.

AV is Webroot Secure Anywhere (formerly Prevx).

Firewall is standard Windows 7

OS is Windows 7 32bit HP on this particular laptop which is a Dell 1220 running dual 2.2 ghz and 4 MB RAM and plenty of diskspace.

Update - I did a removal of the AV, repaired the OS via the DVD "upgrade" option, did a repair on Office 2010, even tried with a new profile but the problem repeated. The Excel contents disappearing has stopped, at least for now, but the blank html email and crashing Excel remains.

Any clues or solution most welcome, thanks. This problem has also been posted on MS Technet and 55 bright sparks have viewed the problem but not a single suggestion!