Not a real critical issue, but one that I find a little annoying. For most folder views, I prefer the 'details' view, but for some (like Control Panel) I prefer the 'Icons' view. In previous versions of Windows, I have applied the 'details' view to all folders by selecting the 'apply to all folders' option from the folder options selection in the tools menu. I then went to the folders I wanted to view with icons rather than details, changed the view to icons, and then made sure that the 'remember each folder's view settings' was selected.

Following the same procedure in XPP results in ALL folders opening in 'Details' view - ie. the system loses the settings for the folders which I have set to open in 'Icon' view. Is this something peculiar to WinXP, am I doing something wrong, or does anyone have a workaround for this? As I said, not a critical problem, just a touch annoying.