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    Word 2007 insert square bracket before style numbering

    Hi all,

    I need to find out how to create a macro that will insert a square bracket [ before a style. I've tried to create a new style with the [ within the style, but that is not what I'm an required to do. the issue is this: I insert the square bracket, but then when I click on the Level 1 Style, the bracket goes after the number 1. of the style looking like this:
    1. [ paragraph
    where in fact I need it to look like this:
    [ 1. paragraph

    please let me know if anyone has any ideas?!!??



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    I assume your paragraph numbers are autonumbers. So you should be able to modify the outline numbering to include the bracket as part of the autonumber.

    If the number is automatic then you can't place a bracket in front of it any other way.
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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    There's a tedious workaround I use when one of my principals insist on having the square bracket come before one of the numbers, instead of going along with Word's insistence of enclosing only the paragraph text with square brackets. This is for instances where most of the numbers do not get the bracket, but one or more are enclosed to indicate this is optional. For example:

    1. This is a heading 1

    [2. This should also be a heading one, but the atty wants to indicate that this is in progress or optional]

    3. This is back to heading 1

    Paragraph number 2 is not a heading style but a paragraph style that matches the indents of the heading style. At the beginning of the paragraph, i insert the square bracket and then a LISTNUM field. The LISTNUM field will look like this {LISTNUM "Entertainment" \l 1} where Entertainment is the List Name and the 1 is the level.

    In Word 2010 you must go to the INSERT tab, select QUICK PARTS, select FIELD, select LISTNUM. You will then see your options regarding list names and what level you need.

    In my case, we use an add on (Payne Numbering Assistant) to insert the LISTNUM -- they call it embedding the heading. I am not quite clever enough to make a macro out it.

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    When you set up a multilevel list with the styles linked to heading numbers, you can insert fixed text before the numbers. I do that regularly to have step numbers that start with the word Step.

    The best instructions on setting up multilevel lists is here:

    If you look at her Figure 5 (the Modify Multilevel List dialog), what you would do is in the Enter Formatting for Number box, put the cursor the the LEFT of the highlighted number that represents the numbering. Type a square bracket. It should show up before the number in that heading style.

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