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    What do you think I should do?

    I think I have gotten my first virus ever. I was expecting a tracking number from USPS so I opened up the email and opened up the attachment. Crap is what I found. My essentials saw it but for some reason it must have slipped through. Unless it was just a freak thing and my SSD drive went at the same time. I did a restart and then a system restore and then my virus prot. said it found something again and cleaned it but needed to be restarted. When I restarted it would not restart and my SSD was no where to be found in bios. I then put in W7 and did a repair and it said it needed to do something to my startup so I did that. I then did another repair and it found the SSD but I decided before I did that I would put it in my other computer and do a virus check to clean it. Is that going to work? What do you think I should do?

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    Hi ingeborgdot, this is what I suggest. ESET NOD32 Online Scan.docx
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    Get one of these (or both) and run them from a command line (boot into safe mode, command prompt), after getting them into a USB key:

    don't think there is a need to get the drive into another PC.

    Hope you fix it.

    IMHO, this also shows why relying on a single real time security app, especially one that is just average as MSE, is risky.

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