Here's a trick I discovered years ago, which has come in very handy. You'll need Adobe Writer (or some other PDF writer) to do this.

If your PDF document isn't printing correctly, or if there are other errors in it (e.g. you scanned a paper document to PDF format), you can use Adobe writer to fix it.

Open the document in Adobe. Print the document to PDF. Now open the new document in Adobe.

The idea is that if it shows correctly on the screen, Adobe can then "clean it up". By printing from Adobe to PDF, you are, in effect, letting Adobe clean the document by first reading it, then rewriting it into PDF format.

As I recall, we had a sizeable document (+/- 100 pages in length) which we had scanned to PDF format. It wouldn't print correctly for some reason. But I tried printing it from Adobe to PDF format, and that was successful. I then opened the new document in Adobe, and the problems had all disappeared!