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    Word 2010 Navigation Pane Issues

    Has anyone ever seen the Navigation Pane freeze? What I mean is, it doesn't automatically update as you add or delete a heading in Word 2010. When I add a new heading and start entering text, the Navigation Pane does not reflect the change. I have to click on the thumbnail or search tab in the Nav Pane and then go back to heading view in order to see the change. Very frustrating!

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    Has the Navigation Pane worked in the past? Are you in compatibility mode? Are you using styles to apply numbering?

    Can you provide a sanitized version of your document?

    When I use the Heading X styles (or any properly-defined heading style), the Nav Pane updates as I type. I've seen some oddities with documents in compatibility mode, though I can't test right now to see if this is one of them.

    I haven't found a setting that might affect this, though someone else might know of one. Further, I can't make the Nav Pane not work in a consistent manner. If a paragraph has a level defined for it, it will appear in the Nav Pane. If it doesn't, it won't, even after clicking on other tabs.


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