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Thread: Windows Updates

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    Windows Updates

    I have just finished with a uninstall/install clean slate. I have about 80 win updates to do. Somewhere in Windows Secrets I read that there were a couple bad updates. I can't seem to find Susan Bradley's article about it? Also, I recall when I installed a lot of updates at once, the process got all messed up. Is there a rule of thumb for installing this many updates at once? Appreciate you help!

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    Just to help in case a problem occurs, just install a few updates at a time. Easier to back out to solve a possible problem that way. If you install 5 updates and one fails you only have 5 updates to uninstall to see which might have cause the problem. Some updates have prerequisites but they should tell you.

    I have installed ALL win 7 updates with nary a hitch in the giddy-up.
    Have a Great Day! Ted

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    Smile Windows Update won't download FIX

    I ran across a problem on my laptop and noticed that it hadn't updated in several months. I did quite a bit of research and started following strings of instructions. After I was able to get my Windows update to find the ones I needed, they wouldn't download. I did more research to see why and discovered that my BITS Service wouldn't start, in fact is wasnt even there so I had to run a program to make it appear in services.msc. Here is where I was stuck andd have the solution that worked for me. I am going to give it to you just the way they gave it to me...

    RE: Can't do updates, nor start BITS
    I had the same worm that broke your BITS. The path that your service lists is
    correct. The problem is that the worm deleted the "Parameters" and "Security"
    keys for the BITS service from the registry. To resolve this do the following
    (Use registry editor at your own risk):

    1) Click Start-->Run and type regedit.exe and click ok.
    2) Navigate to HKLM\Services\CCS\BITS
    3) Right click on BITS and choose New-->Key and name it Parameters
    4) Left click the new parameters key. In the right pane right click and
    choose New-->Expandable String Value and name it ServiceDll
    5) Double click the ServiceDll key that you created and in the value data
    box paste this: C:\WINDOWS\system32\qmgr.dll
    6) Do the same procedure to create a new key called Security below BITS.
    Create a new Binary value in the security key and name it Security. Scroll
    down in the registry editor until you see a service called: wuauserv. Left
    click its security key. Double click the binary value on the right called
    security. highlight and copy all of it (ALL OF IT!) and go back to the binary value
    that you created under BITS\Security.
    7) Double click yours and paste in the data.
    8) Start the service and Voila! Windows Update should work again.

    I hope this helps someone!

    There you have it, as I said this worked for me and also my Windows Defender
    started working as well.

    Let me know if you need help understanding these instructions for looking
    into the registry... Messing with the registry is very dangerous and can
    really mess up your pc. I have had experience with this area, so felt comfortable
    doing it.

    Have a great day!

    Rev Stan
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    Awesom777: What OS ver was this meant for. I could NOT find those registry entries in WIN7 SP1. Please elaborate.

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