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    I leave mine disconnected when not transferring data, mainly because I don't want any wear or tear when not in use and being I live in a very high lightning area, power surges are an issue despite my APC UPS. And finally, if all hell breaks loose, and I need to run out of the house, I just want to reach over and grab the drive, in all actuality, I'm sure the cables would yank out regardless. But I would unplug it as others stated.

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    If a thief breaks in and steals your computer, if your hard drive is connected it is likely to be lost too. If it contains your only backup, then you have no backup.

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    I suggest you do not do what I inadvertently did a couple of nights ago, and that was to format a 2T drive that was at least 3/4 full of data. Since I realized what I had done it is all theoretically recoverable, but 2T may be a week's worth of running the recovery utility and copying the contents to another drive. Ouch.

    One question to ask is whether or not the drive will spin down when idle for a certain time, which I think some drives are smart enough to do and other are not. (Maybe it's the computer that controls that, but I don't think so.) One small feature which I have on some drives, in fact enclosures that came without drives, is a switch on the enclosure that will turn off the power to the drive (but not the power to the power supply). I still go through the routine of 'Safely remove and eject' but I can then simply turn off the switch. Some drives will also have a fan.

    One thing worth looking for is manufacturers' recommendations or, if store-bought at a knowledgeable establishment, the vendor's recommendations. Pick their brains (and do some comparison shopping and review reading before shopping).

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