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    Did Windows change my settings?

    Tonight I was getting ready to log off of my PC (XP Pro, still) when I got thrown out of the app I was working on thanks to a popup that told me that Windows wanted to reboot due to "Automatic Updates" - it was my choice of Now or Later. I wasn't done yet, so I chose Later.
    5 minutes later, I got the same thing again - and 5 minutes after that.
    That was when I noticed I had a Windows Update icon in my Systray - odd for a Friday night, but then maybe I hadn't noticed it since Wednesday. I don't know.
    At any rate, for the past several years at least I have had my Windows Updates set to notify me when they are available, so I can choose which to download and then install. I never change that setting, and since both my kids are away at college, and my wife just finally got her own laptop, I'm the only person using this PC now, and I know I didn't change to Automatic - because when I went to Control panel and checked on Automatic Updates, sure enough, it had changed from Notify to Automatic.
    Was there a recent update that made this (and possibly other) stealth changes to Windows? Is Microsoft getting more aggressive in thinking they know more about how I should be using my PC than I do? Or is it possibly just a side effect of me not realizing I had updates to deal with for a few days, so Windows decided to do something about it?
    Either option is sort of scary, though, if you ask me. Even scarier than me not noticing I had Updates.
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    There was an out of sequence critical update released yesterday and my PC (Win7) has been prompting me to install it as well.

    More details here
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    This was a well publicized out of sequence update that had caused lots of concern. It was related to Java and IE versions 7,8 and 9.
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