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    Word2000 envelope addresses

    I am learning how to use Word 2000 and I was setting up to type an envelope with a letter. (All worked fine.)

    Now I want to SHUT OFF envelope printing on this particular document. How do I do this? I erased all of the text in the address form and each time I try and print a document, WORD still wants me to insert a fresh envelope (which it does not print on) into the printer or else it will not print my document.

    Thanks for any info.

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    Re: Word2000 envelope addresses

    Hi Joe:
    What you did is you typed your letter, then went to Tools/Envelopes & Labels, set up your envelope & pressed the button "Add to document". Now your envelope is part of your document. To delete it, do the following:

    1. Open your document.
    2. Press Alt+Ctrl+N (changes to normal view). This is the easiest, but not the only, way.
    3. You'll see your envelope at the top of the document & a double line that says "Section Break (continuous)". Select all the text from the beginning of the document up to & including that section break. If there's no text above it, just select the section break.
    4. Press delete & the envelopes gone.

    Next time, you can print a document without pressing add to document. Only use that option when you want to be able to print the document & envelope again (or want a record that you created the document).

    You can also print just the letter by opening the Print... dialog box & typing s2 in the pages box. The envelope is s1 (section one).

    Don't feel bad. Been there; done that.

    Hope this helps.

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