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    Ken Kashmarek

    Windows Live Social Object

    First of all, I couldn't find a relevant area for this discussion so I am starting a new thread.

    I found this unusual item on my Windows 7 installation. Worthy of big brother consideration. If you haven't run into this, I thought you might be interested (with Windows Live Essentials installed).

    Perform the following on Win7: go to Computer, right-click on Manage, open up the resulting list as follows:


    Then select the item SOXE for display in the center pane of the display window. You will get this (or similar):


    Check that Description:

    Updates the definition file for the Windows Live Social Object Extractor Engine

    The question: what is "Windows Live Social Object Extractor Engine"?

    What is a Windows Live Social Object? Why does it need an extractor engine? What does it extract? Does it extract things from Microsoft for you -OR- does it extract things from YOU to Microsoft?

    Everything I need to ask but probably more than I want to know.

    This is a curiosity question. The discussion on for Windows Live Social Object, is very obtuse.

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    Windows Live Messenger is only one component of WLE. It can be installed or not at the users discretion. For example I installed WLMail, WL Photo Gallery and WL Movie Maker, but did not choose to install the remainder of the suite.

    It actually appears the item in question is part of the Task Scheduler. If you disable, or uninstall the Messenger portion of WLE, this entry may be gone.
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