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    Excel 2010 SP3, intermittent link cell problem

    We are experiencing this problem with virtualised servers, Citrix and excel 2010 files.
    Link formulas cells return #REF! and on other occassions return maybe a 0 instead.
    I cannot repeat the error on demand but using the replace option of replacing "=" with "=" refreshes the link and hopefully returns the correct value.
    In financial terms this is priority 1 serious with incorrect sums already having been reported to powers that be.

    If the user opens all of the linked files together then it's still touch and go as to whether the links are refreshed.

    F9 has no effect on recalculating and refreshing the worksheet - i.e. the #REF! remains in cells.
    Selecting a cell and using F2 to edit it and just pressing Enter does update the cell.
    Using searhc and replace for replacing "=" with "=" does appear to update the cells with a result....but confidence in the result not being a result of a 0 link in another workbook is now surfacing in the mind of the user.

    Once the values have appeared on the worksheet, then saving the file and reopening and selecting "do not upate links" can also result in #REF! cell values even though the previously saved version contains a number value.

    Currently looking at a KB relating to unc paths in links but all of the linked formulas used the mapped drive reference.

    Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

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    The problem is most likely being caused because your servers are not responding quickly enough and Excel gives up and gives you an error value.

    Opening all the linked workbooks is the first step. Then press ALT-CTL-F9. This forces Excel to recalculate all formulas in all workbooks.

    Robert Flanagan
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