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    Ultrabooks: Thin and light, but at what cost?

    Thin and light, but at what cost?

    By Michael Lasky

    Ultrabooks have had their difficulties gaining respect, but the latest generation might change that. Even though they're faster, more powerful, and undeniably sexier, these ultra-portable PCs still have their limitations.

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    My friend won a Lenovo X1 (lucky so-and-so) at a Lenovo marketing event. His X1, came with Windows 7, but it refuses to install Windows updates! Both he and I are IT consultants, so we tried everything we could think of to make the updates work, but they seem to install, only to be shows as needing installation after a reboot.

    And yes, we tried:
    - turn off all AV protection
    - run as Administrator
    - install updates 1 at a time and reboot
    - automatic and manual installation

    Open to suggestions now. Has anyone seen similar behaviour, either on this device or other hardware?
    -paul, Down Under

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    Any chance of a reinstall of Win 7, or perhaps an upgrade to Win 8 Pro on Oct 26th.?

    By any chance did you check to ensure the WU service is starting?
    Have a Great Day! Ted

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    Complete PC Specs: By Speccy

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    Cool Thin?

    Why is there all this emphasis on thin? Weight reduction I understand, having lugged laptops + stuff around. But whether a device is three quarters of an inch or one inch thick - who cares and why?

    What would I like to see in a portable? Something <= couple of pounds,with a real keyboard, a 12" screen for use on an airline, and twin fold out 20 screens for use at my destinations for real work. Infinite battery life is nice but the idea of actually using the thing for more than a few hours away from a power point is quite foreign to my usage. For something like this I could be prepared to go as high as Cad$500 (US$510).

    Sorry, I missed hearing who makes one of these!

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