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    Office XP Scanning (XP)

    I installed MS Office XP document scanning and imaging tools. These were categorized as install on first use. The tools work, but they mess up Word. If I use the "Open Office Document" shortcut in my start menu, I get the normal dialog, but after choosing a file, word does not activate. I can activate word manually my clicking on its icon. If I restart the computer, everything works as it should. If I run one of the scanner tools, the problem reoccurs. I also get an error from the scanner tool, if I try to transfer an OCR text conversion to Word. The error is "Server threw an exception". I can cut and paste, the OCR text, but not send it via the button on the scanning tool screen.

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    Re: Office XP Scanning (XP)

    What did you expect? There is no such a thing as a free lunch...
    Check the Internet for the latest scanner driver, from Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs | Microsoft Office XP... | Change... try to uninstall and reinstall Imaging Tools. And consider to buy OCR program, I suggest OmniPage Pro... Good luck!

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