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    Outlook rules not working since switching to Windows 7

    I am an end user in a corporate environment and use Outlook 2007 with Exchange. I have about 50 rules, and about 20 of them use the "stop processing more rules" feature, and are also Mailbox rules, *not* "client-only" rules. Those 20 are at the top of the list, with the client-only rules below.

    All of this worked great until we switched to Windows 7 two weeks ago (from WinXP). Now a number of those rules do not seem to work, or work intermittently. I have tried deleting and rebuilding the ones i could specifically ID with no improvement.

    One particularly useful rule has modified itself and only works sometimes if at all. I used the "sender is in <x> Address Book" condition to file advertising emails in a folder - these are things i don't want cluttering up my inbox, but would like to read if i have time, so i am not including them in the spam filters.

    The folder this rule moves messages to is in the Exchange hosted Mailbox, but since upgrading to Win7 Outlook insists it is a "client-only" rule, which should only apply to folders in .pst files. It also now has "on this machine only" checked, and clicking does not make the checkmark go away.

    On top of all that, using the "Run Rules Now" feature seems to make all of them work, although that requires manually selecting all 50 rules first.

    Any ideas?

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    A few suggestions here, like disabling cached exchange mode or exporting, deleting and importing rules: Outlook 2007 - rules do not run automatically

    You don't mention which Exchange version, but 50 rules could be pushing the 32KB or 64KB default size limit: Exchange Server's 32 KB Rules Limitation


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