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    What programs can I get rid of?

    Hi, I have a PC running Win7 and I use FireFox to surf, also have IE, but it is only used when it is defaulted to, (usually by MS). I use NoScript and a little program call SumatraPDF to open pdfs, I never create or edit pdfs. I don't have MS office but use the "viewers" to open worddocs, excels, PowerPoints when I get them. My question to this great community which has helped me many times is what do you all think I can get rid of, from this list of install programs, some of which have been intalled for years. I ask this because Adobe always is a pain keeping updated, even using Secunia and Patch my PC. Now I'll try to list all the stuff in my uninstall or change program list. It looks like I'll have to do it as an attachment, I hope that is acceptable. Thank you for even reading this request. Stan
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    Go back to Programs and features, set view to medium icons, then repost. You might have to take an image 2 or 3 times to include all your items.
    Mine looks like this:-

    Sep 14.JPG

    Read this also Make an Image and post it.docx
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    Your software listing looks reasonable for the most part, except...

    I'd start with the Java and all programs that use it. Then I'd start working on the Adobe, getting rid of all but the flash reader,
    unless you have a definite need for the rest of the Adobe Entourage.

    There are also alot of HP related "stuff/fluff" that only you can decide whether you want to use or not, but personally,
    if you do not use bluetooth, there is no sense in having it active or installed.

    Decide on either Comodo internet security or MSE, you probably don't need both since you already have MBAM and WinPatrol as well.
    Decide on either the Belarc Advisor or Secunia PSI, having both is ovekill imo

    Invest in an image based backup and recovery application.
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    Invest a little time and energy in a well thought out BACKUP regimen and you will have minimal down time, and headache.

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    You asked about removing installed programs, and Clint's advice pretty much covers it I'd say.

    What about checking your programs that run at startup? There's always good savings to be made there. Msconfig is good enough for most purposes. Why not post up another screenshot of the list? The worst thing about msconfig is the window is not resizeable. (C'mon Microsoft, how hard can it be ?!?). That's where other downloadable tools have the edge.

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