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    Locking down Word Quick Access Toolbar

    I finally have Word's QAT the way I like it. But when I get a document created by someone else, the QAT reverts to the default setup. How do I lock down "my" QAT set-up so it's available for all documents I work on, wherever they originated?

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    Where is your custom QAT saved? If you saved it "For all documents (default)", it will be available to all documents opened on your computer. If you saved it to a particular document or template, it will be available only in that document or only to documents attached to the template.

    You can create a QAT for a template that you save in Word's STARTUP folder. The QAT for that template would show up in all documents opened on your computer—in addition to any other QATs such as the default QAT, the document's own QAT, and the document's attached template QAT.

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    And you can export your custom QAT to a file, then reimport it if / as needed.

    To export the QAT (assuming Word 2010):

    1. File, Options
    2. Click the Quick Access Toolbar category at left.
    3. Navigate to the bottom right side of the screen and click the Import/Export drop-down.
    4. Choose "Export all customizations."
    5. Add today's date to the suggested file name (or otherwise rename the file) if you like.
    6. Optional (not really necessary): Make note of where you are saving the customizations.
    7. Click the Save button.
    To import your customizations:
    1. Repeat the steps above, but after clicking the Import/Export drop-down, choose "Import customization file."
    2. Click to select the file you want, then click Open.

    Hope this helps.

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