I have just started using Google Drive to hold an off site copy of some of my critical files.

I wanted to be sure that they were secure, so I used Boxcryptor to encrypt them before syncing them to Google Drive.

I have about 2.2GB of data in the Google Drive folder.

Everything worked well for several days and. in addition to them being an off-site backup, I could even access the data (Word docs, Excel docs and pdf files) on my Android 'phone.

Then my ISP notified me that I was in danger of exceeding my 40GB data allowance for the month. I never use more than half of this, so something had changed.

When I investigated, it appeared as though the sync was copying all the data up to Google Drive, and then down again whenever I restarted my laptop. I usually update one spreadsheet daily by adding a row for that day's $ exchange rate. Occasionally I may amend or create a Word document, but nothing should cause all 2.2GB to look as though it has changed.

Perhaps Boxcryptor is somehow obscuring the amount of data that has been changed; or maybe Google Drive synchs every item of data all the time, whether changed or not.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

P.S. I have posted similar questions on the Boxcryptor and Google Drive sites, but I wondered if any fellow lounge members had encountered this problem.