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    Calculating date and time in business days other than Saturday/Sunday

    Hi All,

    I have been using the below formula for a while to calculate the time it takes to close our help desk tickets, in hardcoded business hours (5AM to 6PM) given the normal business days (Saturday and Sunday). It works like a champ - however, now I have a few people working in the Middle East and their weekend is Thursday and Friday -

    How can I tell this formula to count the business days Saturday thru Weednesday? Or any other forumal out there that will do that job?

    =IF(COUNT(H10,I10)=2,24*((NETWORKDAYS(H10,I10)-1)*("18:00"-"5:00")+IF(NETWORKDAYS(I10,I10),MEDIAN(MOD(I10,1), "18:00","5:00"),"18:00")-MEDIAN(NETWORKDAYS(H10,H10)*MOD(H10,1),"18:00","5: 00")),0)

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    Try the NETWORKDAYS.INTL function which allows you to specify the 2 weekend days.
    NETWORKDAYS.INTL(start_date, end_date, [weekend], [holidays]).
    For more information in Excel select help then type in: function networkdays
    it will be the second entry in the output.
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