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    Access 2007 Form with Google Earth .kmz image links

    I have a user who has created an Access 2007 database in which he has form fields that display Google Earth .kmz map links. The links display correctly on some network accounts, but not when other accounts are logged onto the same PC. I don't know where to begin troubleshooting this one. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks much, Judy

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    Maybe this can explain it:

    A Few Warnings

    The tips above are designed to help you avoid some of the common pitfalls and questions you might run into. There are always trade-offs for each choice you make in designing your KMZ. Here are a few warnings to help you minimize any problems that might occur:
    • If one of your placemarks refers to images on your web site using relative URLs (such as "images/myphoto.jpg"), the images won't display properly in Google Earth. For the most part, relative paths should only be used to refer to images included in the KMZ file.
    • If you create a KMZ file with the Save as option in Google Earth, it will only include images on your computer in the KMZ file. Any media on the web won't be packaged with it.
    • If you download a KMZ file, and then save it as a KML file, your placemarks will refer to the images in the original KMZ file. Anyone else who tries to use your new KML file won't see the images, since they're on your hard drive rather than packaged in a KMZ file.

    Got it from here:

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