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    Table Locks

    I have a user who has deployed his back-end database to the LAN. From the front-end mdb on his local PC he runs several update processes that delete, add and update records on a number of different linked tables.

    Today for some reason he is getting the message that one of the processes can't complete because the table is locked. He has deleted the table, imported it from a backup copy, compressed the mdb and tried several other desperate mesures but he continues to get that message. He is running Windows 95, Access 97 and is on a Novell Lan. There are no other users connected to the database.

    Are there any suggestions as to what therapeutic measures he might take (for his Access problem)?



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    Re: Table Locks

    Try having him set his locking scheme to NoLocks, rather than optimistic or pessimistic, and see if that makes any difference. When the update actually occurs, Access will still put locks on the data pages, but it won't happen until then. If that doesn't change anything, find out if he has changed any of the queries or the tables in them, even slightly.

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