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    Suppressing page numbers on TOC when using Heading 1

    Is there a way for the table of contents in Word 2010 to suppress page numbers when heading 1 is used? Heading 2 would page numbers.

    Example of what it might look like. Items in blue would be a Heading 1. Items with page numbers would be Heading 2. TOC Example Format.docx

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    Yes. You can edit the TOC field code, using the "\n" switch to instruct Word not to use page numbering for a particular heading level (in this case, Heading 1). See this Microsoft Knowledge Base article for more information (navigate about halfway down to the section about the "\n" switch).

    Go to the page where the TOC starts and press Alt F9 to display the TOC field codes (what you normally see is the code results). Insert your cursor into the code and type the switch, using the syntax shown in the Knowledge Base article -- except, since you want to hide the page numbering for only one heading level, use { TOC \n 1-1 } (i.e., hide the page numbering for level 1) rather than { TOC \n 3-4 } (hide the page numbering for levels 3 and 4). You have to use the "1-1" syntax or the code won't work properly.

    When you have finished editing the field code, press Alt F9 again to toggle the display back to showing the code results.

    That should do the trick. Let us know.

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