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    Slow Directory Listing of DVD

    We have DVD archives of PDF documents that have between 40,000 and 80,000 documents per disk. When the files are stored on a hard drive, we open the folder and a listing appears in less than a second. When the same files are burned to a DVD and opened in Win XP, the list appears within a few seconds (DVD drive slower than HD, makes sense). When we put the same DVD in a Win 7 PC, it can take over a minute or more to get a drive listing, and if there are folders on the DVD, trying to navigate between them locks up Windows Explorer.

    Memory and CPU are not impacted significantly. Drivers have been updated.

    We've tried turning off indexing, setting the folder type to General in the Customize tab, turning off thumbnail views, tried using an external DVD reader, with no success.

    We ran Virtual PC on the Win 7 PC with the DVD attached, and the drive listing appears within a second.

    All this indicates that the disk is readable and the drives are operating fine, but Win 7 is doing something as it tries to build a file listing that causes it to grind to a halt when there are that many PDF files to display.

    Has anyone else run into this experience?


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    How many files in the folder, and what type of extension? I can burn a disk to try it on the Win 7 boxes at work and home.

    Have you tried navigating with something else than Explorer, for example, V File Viewer ?

    OR run up something like Notepad and use the Open dialog to browse the DVD - how does that go? I'm not sure how integrated with Explorer that dialog is, so not sure if this test will reveal anything.

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