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    How to set a .dot file to run on double click from Windows Explorer?

    I made a template that most users will access through Windows Explorer. When the template runs a date field inserts the current date field, selects it and unlinks the field so it never changes when the .doc is saved (if you have an easier way to do this, I'd appreciate your ideas).

    When a user double-clicksthe .dot file in Windows Explorer, it sometimes opens the .dot file (not good) and sometimes runs the .dot file so a .doc is created (good). I have an AutoEx, AutoNew, and AutoOpen Subs. Is there any code that will insure the template will run on double-click so that a .doc is created? I'd also like to hear any ideas on other ways of doing this.


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    There's a field called CreateDate that will add today's date and not subsequently update. With this field, there's no need for macro code to unlink it.

    Double-clicking a template in Windows Explorer should launch the template, not open it. Is there a pattern to the difference (launch/open) that you are seeing? Perhaps you're using Vista O/S as an admin.

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