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    Unhappy Frustrating IE/Silverlight Problems.

    I have a 32-bit IE 9 (running 64-bit Win 7) which is a festering thorn in my thumb. Symptoms: On a page requiring Silverlight when I click on a link I get an IE Security pop-up asking me to allow/disallow use of Silverlight. This happens often as most of you know. I usually choose allow on a trusted site and everything is hunky-dory. Every so often this hangs requiring me to force an end to the IE session from the Task Manager. I've had several other members in the computer club I'm a member of. The only solution seems to be to uninstall Silverlight and then download and re-install it. I guess I could just uninstall it for good and take my lumps on sites requiring it, ugh! I keep thinking this is probably a known problem and Microsoft will fix it, but each time Silverlight fixes come thru, the problem remains. Because so many of my friends experience the same problem occasionally, my guess is that the normal IE security settings are in use suggesting it is not a unique problem for me. Has anyone else experienced this problem? A fix not requiring uninstall/reinstall of Silverlight would be just what the doctor order for my festering thumb!


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    I'm using IE 9's 64 bit version in Windows 7, 64 bit with Silverlight needed for Netflix. No problems identified.
    Maybe try using the 64 bit version of IE.

    Otherwise you might start looking for commonalities in your group's software environment/ or browser settings.
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    A possible workaround is to disable automatic checking for updates in the Silverlight configuration program: Allow or Disallow; however, the screen freezes


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