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    I agree with minahan1. It sounds like a bad drive to me.
    Mike Muylaert

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    There have been problems with some SSDs slowing down over time then refusing to boot. In some cases it's been found that TRIM (garbage collection) isn't working; in other cases it's a bug in the firmware (the drive's control software) that gradually causes failure if you use Windows' Sleep or Hibernate mode. In future, you may wish to avoid using Sleep or Hibernate mode !!

    Go to your SSD maker's website. Carefully check your exact model number to see if there's a firmware update available. If so, download it but do not install it right away.

    Use the free utility program HDD Erase to perform a "Secure Erase" of the entire SSD. (You will need to change the SATA mode in your motherboard BIOS from "AHCI" back to Standard or Compatible or Legacy mode before you execute the Secure Erase command. After Secure Erase change the SATA mode setting back to AHCI before you restore a backup image or re-install Windows.)

    Then you can apply a firmware update if necessary and then try either restoring a backup image you made earlier or do a fresh Windows install from the Windows install disc itself.

    Oh, yes, and I would suggest unplugging/disconnecting all other hard drives during this process !

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    Arrow Take a closer look at the HDD

    Quote Originally Posted by Diogones View Post
    ...because the Linux Disk Utility reported that the HDD had errors, and because I moved my shell folders from my User account to that drive, it could be that Windows cannot access those folders, and thus cannot load my profile.

    I will probably have to reformat the drives and do a clean install; I'm loathe to do it because it's just more writes to my SSD, but it's probably the only way I can get myself out of this mess.

    I'm not sure what exactly caused this problem: from looking at the 'net, there are a number of different people who have had the same problem, all with varying theories as to how it started. The only two things I've done to change my system is install Windows updates, and I ran CCleaner's registry cleaner. Other than that though, I find the whole situation funny, because I ran sfc both from the weird Windows environment I booted up in, and in WinRE, and no system errors were reported.

    I'll try the chkdsk method, and we'll see what happens from there.
    I, too, suspect that the problem lies in the HDD (some corruption of the user folders, I'm betting). If that's the case, reformatting the HDD won't necessarily fix that drive--if it's going bad, it's only going to continue to get worse. If you're really ready to reformat the SSD and do a clean install, then consider either replacing the HDD or using something much more rigorous than chkdsk to test and fix it.

    My tool of preference is Gibson Research's SpinRite, which would probably fix any disk errors you have. What I usually recommend it for, though, is regaining access to a disk after you've lost access in order to recover data on the disk before replacing it. Since you've already recovered your data from the HDD (if I understood you correctly), further testing/repairing would only be for the purpose of satisfying your curiosity. Personally, I wouldn't trust that HDD again. And since you can buy a new 500 GB drive for the cost of SpinRite, I can't really recommend going the "further testing" route this time.

    As for your concerns about wearing out your SSD: Yes, there are limits on the number of writes, but in all likelihood you're going to replace your current SSD with a newer, faster, larger one long before you ever hit those limits (unless you've got a first-generation SSD without TRIM support, which I doubt). Go ahead and reformat/reinstall without worrying.

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    This problem sounds exactly like one I have had happen twice with Win-XP.

    PC boots, but instead of getting to the Login screen after the Windows splash, I just got a Black screen with Mouse pointer - no menus, icons, totally nada. Not even Ctr-Alt-Del did anything.

    I asked for help on several Tech Forums including here.

    A couple of people offered the usual common advice - "Change PSU", "Boot in Safe Mode", "Check Harddisk", "Change Graphics card", "Change RAM", etc.
    All worthy things to try out, but not one "I know this problem!" reply.
    But nothing worked, and - most worryingly - not one person said "I've had this happen to me" or "I've heard of this problem".

    So it seems it was a completely unique fault that nobody had ever heard of, or had happened to them.

    But it has happened twice like I said - once on a Laptop 3 years ago that had never been in Hibernate or Standby, and just last month to my main XP PC.

    Two completely and utterly different machines, have the exact same 'Unique' problem within 3 years - but none of the Techies here or elsewhere has ever heard of it.......

    Sorry to rant, but you are having exactly the same problem as I had - boots to black screen with mouse pointer, and clicks or keys do nothing.
    What is really worrying me, is you are having the problem on Win-7, and mine were on XP.
    And that nobody has heard of the problem, and can only suggest guesses to try out.

    Do I have this same problem to look forward to in the future?
    Gee, I hope not, that was a major reason for me moving to Win-7 - the hope of reliability.

    Suddenly the fascistic Apple prison looks slightly more appealing, should I just give up on this whole MS crap?

    Remember the old days when things were designed to be 'Solid'?

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    Don't forget "Last Known Good Configuration" on the F8 choices.


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    You might have a bad SSD.

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