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    Ken Kashmarek

    Folder In Use (or File In Use)

    I get a message about Folder In Use or File In Use:

    "The action can't be completed because the folder or a file in it is open in another program"

    At the time this is happening, how do I found out what "other program" has the folder or file open?

    I have tried the Sysinternals Process Monitor (not process explorer) and it only reports on the access denial. The event that is holding the folder or file, happened before Process Monitor starts.

    Is there a way to simply list the open folders/files and what program has them open?

    In my situation, the folder/file in question should not be open by any program. I suspect something is operating in a stealth mode.

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    Supposedly Process Explorer (not Process Monitor) will tell you the process using the file:


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    Ken Kashmarek
    I appreciate the feedback on process explorer using the find command.

    I think the cause of my issue was something (indexer?) creating the thumbnails in the folder that I was attempting to move. After a few minutes, it moved okay but a later folder hit the same problem (also okay after waiting).

    The error message should be corrected to include the process that is using the file, and if possible, why it is holding the file such as to make it not available for your own use. If the message had said to the effect "Indexer holding the file/folder while creating thumbnails", the question would never have come up.

    Often, the thumbnails DON'T get created until you want to use the file/folder in question, especially if it hasn't been used lately.

    Thanks again.

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