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    Here again, with a simple question I can't fix. I would like to add a list box (or whatever) to a form that shows all the services someone could use in our system. They can use one, two or any combo up to six and also, "all". I have a main table and then I have a table with the "Services" in it. Shouldn't I be able to put a drop down list on my basic form and then select which service each club is using?


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    Re: Form

    If you want to select multiple services, you can use a multiselect listbox. The problem is that multiselects won't display the selections after you make them if you've selected multiple answers, and putting multiple answers in a single field violates all relational design principles. You mention a main table, but you didn't tell us what it contained. If you explain more about your table design and what you're trying to do, someone will be able to help you get there. However, I can almost guarantee that it won't be as simple as you might have expected.

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    [img]/w3timages/icons/frown.gif[/img]My main table holds the names and address of the courses that are using our handicap system. Each course can have more than one service. I just need a way to keep track and sort by service.

    Appreciate any help. Wish I was more knowledgeable. Isn't there a way to have a control accept multiple answers?

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