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    Talking wireless network

    Hi all
    I am working in a primary school it is a large long school with two storeys that has a wired points to all the classrooms and offices. It has been decided to have wireless access also as they are buying some Ipads for special needs children. I am wondering is it possible to attach a device to the existing wired system in a classroom via a cat 5 cableand have wireles in that area. I have tried putting in a wireless router in the lan room with extenders to the classrooms but with obstructions and walls and length I would need a lot of extenders. If it is possible what devices would I need. thanks in advance

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    Why not just place wireless routers in selected classrooms so you get full coverage. It will probably take a little trial and error but you should be able to find a workable solution. I' start by hooking up a wireless router in one of the classrooms then take a laptop on a walkabout to see where you loose the signal or it gets too weak for practical use. This will give you an idea of how far the router will reach and how many you'll need to get full coverage. These routers can be attached to the wired connections in the selected classrooms. It will be up to you if you want to setup separate sub-nets or just turn off the DHCP servers in the wireless routers and let your main router provide the local net IP addresses. Hopefully, the wired connections are Gigabit Ethernet and not 100Mbit.

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    I'd go for a managed solution because you want it to work seamlessly.
    Somehting like this should be OK, but check that the WAP will run off the controler.
    Wireless Access Point
    AP controller

    cheers, Paul

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