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Thread: Win 98 backup

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    Win 98 backup

    When I tried to back up my files this evening, I got an error.
    It said " An error occurred while writing the backup data. The end of the
    media was approached unexpectedly (08-22-07-01-0000)". That is, there was
    more data to backup than would fit on one disk but the backup utility didn't
    ask us for a second disk. It just said the backup failed. Still, it wrote
    1.4 megabytes on the disk so something got on there. How can I complete a successful backup?

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    Re: Win 98 backup

    Does this help?

    <A target="_blank" HREF=>Q183810</A> Err Msg: An Error Occurred While Writing The Backup Data...


    When you attempt to back up data using Microsoft Backup, you may receive the following error message:

    An error occurred while writing the backup data. The end of the media was approached unexpectedly. (08-22-07-01-0000)

    This issue can occur for either of the following reasons:

    If you compress a floppy disk or removable media using DriveSpace, and then try to back up more data than the available free space on the compressed disk or media. When you do this, Backup does not prompt you to insert another blank disk or media as expected.

    When you try to span multiple CDRW disks. The version of Backup included with Windows 98 does not support spanning multiple CDRW disks.

    To work around this issue, use the appropriate method:

    Do Not Use DriveSpace
    Do not use DriveSpace if you want to back up your data on more than one blank disk or removable media.
    Upgrade to the Full Version of the Seagate Backup Software
    Upgrade to the full version of the Seagate backup software to obtain this functionality.

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