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    Question Viewing Outlook Account Settings with VBA

    I use different email addresses for different companies I deal with, eg companyx@myemail.xx.yy, businessy@myemail.xx.yy, etc, in an attempt to identify where they got my email address. (Not foolproof, for example where I am BCC'd, but it helps.)

    I can change the displayed (and return to?) email address in User Information in Change Account / Internet E-mail Settings of the E-mail Accounts window of Account Settings, so that when I send emails they appear to come from this same account.

    This is fine until I forget to change it back, and subsequent emails go out with an email address I did not intend for that recipient.

    So I would like to set up a VBA checkbox so that whenever I send an email, I can check that the correct email address is shown.
    But I can't find out how to do this, or to access any Account Settings. Any ideas?

    (I am using Outlook 2010)
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