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    Suppressing page numbers on endnotes pages, and adding pages after endnotes

    I have a fairly large document (>10 pages) with five pages of endnotes. As currently configured, page numbers appear in the main document as well as all but the first endnotes page, continued from the main document. I would like to delete the page numbers from the endnotes pages, and, in addition, add 8 pages (without page numbers) after the endnotes pages. Any help out there?Thanks in advance.

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    By default, endnotes will be placed at the end of the document, but you can change that to end of section instead with the Footnote and Endnote dialog (click the small arrow at the bottom right of the Footnotes part of the References ribbon). At the end of your main copy, insert a new page section break to ad your 8 pages. The endnotes will be added before the section break. Manage whether page numbers appear or not by including them or not in your header/footers in the sections affected. You can manage the page number format and starting value with the Page Number Format dialog (from the Insert > Page Number, Format Page Numbers...).

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