I have had a problem with the install of Windows XP home upgrade and I am now wonderering which coarse to follow. Unfortuenatley I didn't uninstall my Norton System works 2002 before I did the upgrade so a horrible clash occurred so that (1) I could only reboot into safe mode and (2) I couldn't install anything that need a reboot. I couldn't get rid of Norton Utilities (with Norton's help; they were to call me back, but never did , and it is hard to get hold of them.) and Microsoft after trying 4 or 5 proceedures said that I go back to Windows ME get rid of Norton and then try again or make a clean install. Back in Windows ME I found I could uninstall Norton Utilites. When I ran the uninstall program for Systemworks It completed but when I tried to reinstall it said that Utilites was already installed. When I went into "add & remove" Norton utilities shouwed asI a separate item and when I clicked on remove I received an error message "Unable to locate the installation log file 'C:Program'. Uninstaller will not continue. I have the file from Norton for manually unistalling systemworks but it has too many caveats and I get very nervous about playing around in the registry. Here, finally, comes the question. If I tried a clean install would that get rid of my old registry (so I wouldn't have to bother about Norton Utilites); or should I format my hard disk, resintall Windows Me and a few programs and then upgrade to Windows XP? How can I reinstall just Norton Anti-Virus from my system disk (Firewalland Winfax Pro a stand alones)? The first would save me a lot of reinstalling, but I an now sort of punch drunk with this and am not thinking to clearly. So, I need advice. Maybe there is another way to get Norton Utilities off my system?