I have been using Quicken since it came out & have upgraded many times. I am using the Quicken Deluxe 2008 presently.
I track my stocks and like viewing the charts that are updated each time I enter a price. Lately when I backup everything seems to backup correctly - except the stock prices that have been entered each month, some for many years. Therefore no data is available to use for charting. I know I can load current data back in for each stock, but it dosent know when the stock was bought & it loads much more than I wish - it just loads daily, then weekly then monthly, etc, prices. Plus it is time consuming. I only want monthly prices starting when stock was purchased.

Question 1: Does the very long timeline effect backing up prices?
Question 2: How can I reduce Quicken data to view/show/possibly use, only the data from the last 10 years? Or how do I reduce file size, much of which is no longer used. It seems to keep a record of everything from waaaay back.

Of course it is the loss of backup prices that are my real concern. Everything backed up fine until 3 or 4 months ago. I back up my data to Skydrive and to my other laptop using a flashstick. Been working well for years - (Skydrive is rather new). When I restore from the flashstick it no longer carries the various stock prices. Why? The flash stick always used to & there is plenty of space available. (Actually Skydrive never did.)

I have data on my desktop that shows the charts & of course the prices that I have entered. I am afraid it too may soon get lost. Any help or thoughts out there?
Thank you