Sorry for the long story. I have been download free podcast form the same URL for at least 5 years or more. First off I can download podcast from other websites and don't have any problems. At this site I started several weeks ago and when I started a download it would stall. I can go to the URL and don't have any issues at all. I asked a couple friends to see if they had any problems none they said it worked just fine. So below is a list of things I have tried.

Re-set my router and modem
Removed the cable and power trying to get a new ip address.
Formatted my computer and did a clean install of win7 ultimate.
Called my ISP no issues from them.
Removed my Linksys router and replaced it with a brand new one. Cisco RV110W
Turned off all add-ons that I could also.
Then I downloaded Spotflux Tunnel Bear then with either proxy I could download at a creep speed.
I also used IE and I am always using Firefox.

So the other day I tried to download and I thought great it's going fast and died a 20%. I don't know why but I clicked on the pause and the started it again. After 4-5 pauses I was able to complete the download. On a couple occasions it didn't work so I checked retry and it work again but I still needed to turn pause on and off to complete the download. Thanks and appreciate any suggestions. I can live with it if I need to but it's a pain.