I'm not sure if this is the right forum, but since the problem seems to come from the printer....

I use Windows Live Mail 2011 on Windows 7 Home Premium for my email. So does my dad.
It automatically turns apostrophes and quotes (and other non-alphanumeric characters) into "special" characters, like curly quotes or smart quotes.
He can read my emails just fine, but when he prints them on his fairly new printer, they turn into a huge mess.
Apostrophes, for example, print out as ’
I've looked at the Printer settings on his computer, but I can't find anything about that. I know this happens when webpages are improperly coded, but it happens on screen, not just in print. I just don't understand how it changes from email on screen to the printer.
Is there any way to fix this? Where would I find the setting?
He is using an Epson printer ... Artisan 800, I believe.