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    Smile How can I downgrade from Win 7 to Vista

    Do you know if there is the same downgrade option from Win7 to Vista? I really like Vista (I've used MS OS's since DOS days) -- it does what I want. I've got a nice computer (Dell Studio XPS 9100) that I bought a year or so ago and it has Win7 Pro 64bit, 24gb memory. I just haven't been able to bond with it like I've bonded with all my prior computers and I keep thinking that if it had Vista on it, I could immediately swap it with my current Dell Inspiron 530 and keep on truckin'.

    Regards, Connie
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    There is not a downgrade option from Win 7 to Vista. If you have a Vista DVD with a key that is not being used elsewhere you can do a custom install including a reformat of the HD. This will replace Win 7 with Vista. You will however have to reinstall all apps as well. Make sure you back up your data somewhere to allow it to be put back where it belongs.

    Without a unused Vista DVD and key, you will have to purchase one. Perhaps eBay or Amazon would have such DVD's and keys.

    Before starting anything make sure you create an Image of the present system.

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    Downgrading always means replacing the original OS by the OS you want to downgrade to. If it were an option, you'd need to get a Vista DVD from Dell, as downgrade options are offered at the time your purchase the computer. Did you contact Dell to see if such option exists?

    If it does not, then Ted's post explains how you can achieve it.

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    Some versions of Windows 7 did have downgrade rights but just for 18 month after the release of Windows 7 which has long expired. See:

    Just out of curiosity, what don't you like about Windows 7? Most people consider Windows 7 as Windows Vista as it should have been released as. The only people I heard of that wanted to downgrade Windows 7 are those wanting to stay with Windows XP. You are the first one I've heard of that prefers Vista. Not a criticism. Everybody likes different things but I'm just curious what you think Vista does better than Windows 7.


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    Connie...The user interface differences between Vista and 7 are often a challenge to identify...unless you know exactly where to look. Same question....what does Vista offer than makes it more attractive than 7? I can't name anything...

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