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    Recycler, System Volume Info + $NtUninstall folders (XP-SP3)

    I'm trying to clean up my PC. I'm a sole user.

    Rather than starting with what takes up the most space, I thought I'd start by looking at which folders have the most files. Apart from 'Docs + Settings', I have over 75k files in 'System Volume Information' [SVI] + 34k files in 'Recycler'.

    1) II loosely understand that 'recycler' somehow reflects what happens in 'recycle bin' but I really don't understand the ins and outs of its existence nor why it has so many files. Can I just delete it or is there some other way of getting rid of all these files?

    2) What is SVI? Can I shrink it at all?

    3) $NtUninstall etc. - I'm sure I remember reading once that these were something to do with KB updates + can be removed. Is this right?

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    Use the disk cleanup tool. All that can be safely removed, in terms of system files, will be offered by the cleanup tool.

    If you want to go further, see here. This topic may also be interesting.

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