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    Inserting Unicode (2000 / SR1)

    How do I insert a high level Unicode character? Anything above the high level ASCII characters?

    For example, Unicode 0x05D0 (Hebrew Aleph)?

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    Re: Inserting Unicode (2000 / SR1)

    In Word, you could use Insert Symbol... This assumes that you have an appropriate font.

    If you know the code, maybe it would be faster to use a little macro (which you could assign to a keystroke):

    <pre>Sub InsertUnicode()
    Dim strUCode As String, strPrompt As String
    strPrompt = "Enter 4 character hex code"
    strUCode = InputBox(strPrompt, , strUCode)
    If Trim(strUCode) = vbNullString Then Exit Sub
    If Len(Trim(strUCode)) <> 4 Then
    strPrompt = "Enter *exactly* 4 characters!"
    GoTo tryAgain
    End If
    If Selection.Type <> wdSelectionIP Then
    If MsgBox("Replace selection?", vbExclamation + vbYesNo) <> _
    vbYes Then Exit Sub
    End If
    Selection.TypeText ChrW(CLng("&H" & strUCode))
    End Sub</pre>

    There probably is a nicer way to do this, but it's one option.

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