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    KeePass and Dropbox question

    I have used KeePass for years and have much information stored on it. Because of this I use a long, strong password. I have been using Dropbox and find it convenient when I am at not at my PC but have files I want to access. My question is security. To use KeePass I copy the file from Dropbox, paste it to the PC where I open KeePass. After making any changes I save, close and copy the KeePass file back to Dropbox, and delete the encryped file from the PC. If I open the KeePass file in Dropbox, and it is no longer encrypted, can the information from Dropbox be read as it goes thru various servers to get to me? I just don't know enough about security or Dropbox. Thanks for any one who can explain this to a concerned senior citizen.

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    I also use KeePass. I see that when I open the database with the KeePass program, without making any changes, that the database file still has the same modified date.

    This means to me that when KeePass opens the database file using my master password, all the decryption occurs in memory on my computer. Therefore, if you opened the database directly from Dropbox, all the data sent from Dropbox to the KeePass program would still be encrypted.

    The same would hold true when saving the database back to Dropbox. All the data sent back from your computer to Dropbox would be encrypted and at no time would any of your information be visible in clear text to anyone snooping on the internet.

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    KeePass encrypts the database before saving it. Any Dropbox copy will already be encrypted and is completely safe - assuming no-one knows your password ;-))

    p.s. the KeePass forum has plenty of info on this, but it's not as easy to use as this forum.

    cheers, Paul

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