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    Move a live install of Office 2010 to a different drive on the same PC

    Does anyone know if there is a reliable app that will move my Office 2010 x86 install from Drive-D to Drive-C?

    Note that this has nothing to do with space, as I have 17T of space (I collect movie trailers). Having purchased a Samsung 830 SSD 256G for my boot (C)-drive, I want to place my most used applications on it for performance purposes, since there is sufficient room, and Office is it.

    Fundac Software indicated that they were successful in accomplishing this with their app mover, but they also state that they do/will not support that move due to the many files, registry entries, etc., where things could go wrong. It is this sort of app I am looking for.

    There is also an app called Steam Mover that “moves” apps (not really) with the help of Symbolic links/shortcuts.

    Any other apps that you know of?

    ... I wonder if choosing upgrade, when I do so with Office 2013, and choose to install it to my C-drive, whether that might kill two birds with one stone...

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    For the time involved with moving the app versus uninstalling/reinstalling, I would think the latter the better option. I have never heard of a successful move. I suppose it's possible, but Office is such a large app there must be thousands of things to move. If the move is partially completed, then falters you are left with office 2010 kind of on 2 partitions and then who knows if the uninstall will work for either. You might end up reinstalling then uninstalling on both before an installation on C is possible.

    My choice would be uninstall on D, run CCleaner registry cleaner on D to look for leftovers, then installing on the C Drive. I have never found a problem with reinstalling my Office 2010 as far as activation. I installed it on Win 7, then Win 8 RP then Win 8 Ent Eval, and now on Win 8 Pro with no problems with activation. These installations were in 2 different partitions.
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