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    Change height of records in tabular form - Access 2007

    I have a tabular form with most fields on one "line" but a comments field on line 2. It potentially takes up much vertical space but the field is often empty. I have created command buttons to make the field visible or not, but I have not been able to reduce the height of the record if Comments are invisible. Can you help? Thanks.

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    Unfortunately the height of the detail section of a continuous form is the same for all records being displayed, so if you adjust the space using code, it would change the vertical size for all records being displayed, which is quite distracting visually. In addition, if you are allowing the addition of new records, by default the Comments control would be invisible, so no comment could be entered. And the same is true if you are allowing editing of existing records, and the user wanted to enter a comment in a record that didn't have one. One option would be to have a small control that opened a pop-up form where you could see the complete contents of the control in a larger text box. You might also investigate the options available with conditional formatting in Access 2007 to see if that would help solve your problem. Another option might be to use a tab control with the comments on a second tab, and some mechanism to let you switch from one tab to the other with the tabs not visible. Hope this gives you some ideas.

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