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    Help needed with CPU hog

    I run W7 Home Premium, IE9, and MSSE. When I boot up, and before starting IE9, I see that network Services consumes 100% of my CPU for over a minute.

    Does anyone else experience this; and, if not, how would a non-techie home user figure out what's causing the cpu to be hogged like that?

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    This is usually "phone home" activity of software updating content, looking for new drivers, etc. If you have a weather gadget on your desktop, it's trying to update the weather.

    It's taking a lot of time during startup because they are all trying to get online at the same time, timing out, and waiting for a chance in the queue.

    Once you have started up, they have different intervals on when they make another check, and aren't likely to all try to "get through the door" at the same time.
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    This seems like fairly normal activity to me, as bbearren has described above. Of course, the more CPU that one has, the less the impact, & a SSD will lessen those times, as any updates are applied faster. On my i5 powered notebook which Windows 7 Pro resides on, I have a usable browser inside of 15 seconds, but there are things still updating, so I wait 30 seconds before browsing.

    On my desktop that's now running Windows 8, it's about the same as yours, for close to a minute (longer w/Win 7), the CPU stays at or near 100%. This PC has a low grade AMD Athlon 3250e dual core CPU, running at 1.5GHz. I run Process Lasso (free version) to help to balance things out. It really helps with freezing/app hanging when multi tasking, & there's also a Pro version, which I originally got at Giveaway of the Day.

    It's worth trying, & consumes a tiny amount of resources. Also, it's easily removable if not wanted/desired. On my notebook which has a i5 that runs at 2.66GHz, I found it to be less useful, & uninstalled it. Having a usable browser in less than 15 seconds, on a SATA2 MB at that, is plenty good enough for me.

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