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    Installing Windows Live Mail On A Dual Boot System (Win 7 & Win 8)

    I decided to install Windows Live Mail, WLPG and Movie Maker on my Win 8 Pro partition. I already had them installed on my Win 7 Pro partition.(Win 7 and 8 are on different internal hard disks). Result-disaster and hours spent cleaning up the mess. After installing the programs on Win 8 I set up WLM and imported my storage folders and messages from the Win 7 message store. The import succeeded but none of the messages would open.A couple of new messages downloaded and they opened normally.I then tried uninstalling and reinstalling WLM but the same thing happened. I then uninstalled WLM, WLPG and Movie Maker-I used Revo Uninstaller first, then the search program Everything which found many leftover items, and then manually edited the registry. (The registry editing took a very long time-so much for Revo and the WLM uninstaller!). Even worse, when I rebooted to Win 7 I found that although WLPG and Movie Maker were still ok all my messages and storage folders had disappeared from WLM, at which point my feelings about Microsoft were unprintable. I could have used my Macrium Reflect image of WLM to restore the messages and folders, but the image was a few days old and I had sent and received several important messages in the meantime. The one saving grace is that I had copied the WLM folder to a flash drive before starting this disastrous episode, so I was able to restore everything (although I had to recreate about 170 storage folders) and WLM in Win 7 works normally again.

    To add insult to injury, when I rebooted to Win 8 and tried to reinstall WLPG and Movie Maker, the Windows Essentials installer (the latest web version installer) told me that those programs and WLM were already installed (despite the long winded uninstall procedure I described), so I am now stuck without WLM, WLPG or Movie Maker on Win 8. Microsoft claim to have spent over a billion man hours on testing Win 8, but they obviously didn't spend long enough testing dual boot scenarios.

    Rant over, but if anyone knows of a fix for these problems I would be very grateful to hear from them.

    Regards, Roy
    OS Dual Boot Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit & Windows 7 Pro With SP1 64 bit. (Intel Core i7 7700 Kaby Lake Processor -Asus B150 Pro (LGA1151) Motherboard-GTX550 Ti DirectCU Graphics Card-Memory 16 GB DDR4)

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    Thanks for the warning, I won't be installing Windows Essentials on Windows 8, at least until I remove it from 7. I didn't see the need to install the full client on two installs. Especially since 8 Pro includes a Mail tile anyway.

    I'm just getting into this mail client deal, for years, I've accessed my email from the browser, mainly because all of my email services can't be added. Hotmail/Outlook Mail, I only use for important things, I have scattered others that I use for other purposes, one especially for getting free software (Yahoo). It's nothing for me to get 700 to 1,000 spam emails a week on there, & don't want it on a client. FastMail, I use for forums, that one won't work with Windows Essentials because I'm using the free version.

    The last thing that I need is for my Hotmail/Outlook services to get screwed up.

    I hope that you get this sorted out soon, my guess is that you're going to have to choose one OS or the other for Windows Essentials.

    Another reason that MS would prefer us to go with 8 & not dual boot, I may totally give up 7 at some point, but not right now. Mabye after SP1 is released.

    My System Specs: MSI Notebook (OEM Win 7 Pro x64) Dell XPS 8700 w/Windows 8

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