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    Question Finding Specific Rules in Outlook 2010

    I have been using rules for quite some time in Outlook. One thing I have never been able to determine, or locate, is: When you go to Manage Rules and Alerts, and you are seeking a particular rule, that you KNOW exists, (but you cannot remember the exact name you gave it), is there any kind of SEARCH or FIND mechanism available?

    What I find is that after one has accumulated many many rules, that trying to manually parse the rules, by scrolling the window, is much to difficult and time consuming. Instead what happens is that one writes ANOTHER rule to manage the changed condition. This, of course, just increases the number of rules that must be processed.

    In addition, there are many many older rules, (migrated from my old Outlook XP when I upgraded to Outlook 2010), that are in there, that send messages to odd and buried folders in .pst files which are old, and thus I miss messages that I would rather have sent to a more current .pst file, and a folder that is more visible.

    Aside from the horrific thought of going thru every single rule, and verifying and changing conditions etc., I am hopeful that there is a more targeted way to handle this issue. Surely Microsoft in all the iterations of Outlook has run into this question / issue, and put in some way of handling it?

    Is there an add-in or third party plugin that can be applied to assist with this? Alternately, is there a way to select a received message that has a rule related to it, and somehow say "Go to that rule", so you can then modify the rule for new conditions?

    Can anyone assist with some method to accomplish this, either within, or an add-on / plugin for Outlook 2010 AND (hopefully) a method to allow for doing a SEARCH or FIND on the rules list to locate rules by different criteria?


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    I don't have many rules, but I try to give each of them as explicit a name as possible. No consolation for you, I'm afraid!

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