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    Ken Kashmarek

    Question Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant

    Has anybody used this tool? I am getting funky results with it.

    For example, I have an MX870 printer. It says I need an update for the scanner module, but takes me to a web site that provides a scanner module for the MX360 printer.

    Further, it points out that my is out of date and takes me to a web site where that are no updates for the program.

    Finally, it says I am running Eudora 7.0 but my version if 7.1. It says a new version is available but the v7.1 at the web site where I am directed, is the same one I have already installed.

    This was run on a Win7 32-bit system.

    I think this program is not ready for prime time.

    ANy other experiences out there?

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    I had a Alps touchpad and one other app that I was told had updates, yet nothing showed up.

    I just booted to the installation DVD I created from the ISO file, did a custom install, and used Disk Options to format the drive as part of the installation process. It worked great. I then reinstalled all the apps I had, including the 2 or 3 the Upgrade Assistant mentioned and all is working well.

    I think the Upgrade Assistant is pointing out apps that may or may not work with the Upgrade so that you can uninstall them ahead of time, then reinstall afterward.

    I just do not bother. I format and clean install everything. That way I know things are as pristine as can be without any leftover junk to muck things up.

    Many talk about user settings. Any of those settings that were in place in your Live Account are automatically placed in Win 8 Pro. For example my location, phone number, account picture and even my background theme pictures were all placed in my new Win 8 Pro without my doing anything. Cool!
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    I think these tools provide good indications about what may cause the upgrade process to fail. My approach to the upgrade process would be to image, remove apps pointed out as having problems and then reinstall the most up to date versions after the upgrade.
    I wouldn't worry much about the scanner thing, probably the scanning software is the same for both Canon printers. I would probably suggest that you remove Canon's printer software before the upgrade and then let windows find the printer after the upgrade and check Canon's updated software, for Windows 8, for that model. They have recently release Windows 8 compatible software for my own Canon printer (MG5350).

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