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    Excel Help

    I'm not sure how to even explain what I need help with. I was able to figure out a few formulas on my own after NO excel experience but now I'm stuck. I am trying to calculate the total inventory in the little store I work in and have been successful with the non-tax items but now I need help. I have a column where i enter the price of item, the next cell over is the total of items on shelf, and then the next cell I have a formula to multiply the two to give me the total value of those items in the store. I now want to put the price of say....a 6pack of beer. ($6.76) + the crv ($0.30) in one cell, then multiply that by the beer tax. I want to then take the total of that cell and multiply it by the number of 6packs in the whole store. So I guess my question is can I make a formula to manipulate multiple numbers inside a cell, (A + B) x C......AHHHH I'm so confused! Thanks to anyone who can figure out what I mean...
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    Welcome to the Lounge as a new poster!

    Ok, let's say
    Column A contains the Names of your inventory items, e.g. Beer, Soda, Pretzels, etc.
    Column B contains the Price of the item
    Column C contains Inventory Count
    Column D contains the Total Value (B*C)
    Column E Contains the ({Price {Col B} + CRV {Named Value})*BeerTax {Named Value})* Quanity {Col C})

    So for Row 2 {Row 1 has the headers} the formulas would be:
    Col D: =B2*C2
    Col E: =((B2+CRV)*BeerTax)*C2)
    These two formulas can then be filled down the rows.

    NOTE: You actually need to do the following before entering the formulas above!
    Now somewhere unused on the same sheet or preferablly on a separate sheet do this in 2 adjacent columns:
    1st column type: CRV
    2nd column type: .30
    1st Column (next row) type: BeerTax
    2nd column type: the decimal representing the beer tax, e.g. .15 for 15%

    Click on the cell containing .30 then click up in the name box (it should show the address where the .30 is.
    Type in this box CRV then press the ENTER KEY {don't forget to do this or it will not work!}
    Click in the cell directly below containing the beer tax percent.
    Click in the name box again and type BeerTax then press the ENTER KEY.
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    You don't need the second brackets for the formula in E, plus you have one bracket too many.
    Col E: =(B2+CRV)*BeerTax*C2

    cheers, Paul

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